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Programme Description

Trust and Authenticity are essential in all professional services businesses and in any business where staff are client-facing or representing their company. There’s nothing more impactful on people, their work, and their performance than trust. It’s regarded as the most beneficial fundamental currency of a business and is an essential part of all relationships. Having confidence in yourself and your abilities will build internal trust in yourself and trust at speed with those around you.

Several surveys of professionals divulge that they felt to be missing key skills which they need to progress such as:

  •  Self-belief and Confidence
  •  Executive Profile & Presence
  •  Personal Brand
  •  Influence
  •  Resilience
  • Reveal the Best You is an intervention that spans several weeks. The programme will give you the knowledge and know-how to access what you perceive you are lacking, tackling those areas above.

    We tap into your potential, shows you how to unlock that every day and will include actionable tips and changes in habits that you can use immediately.

    The content has been proven to achieve life-long learning and embedded knowledge.

    All elements are tailored and bespoke to you.

    The programme also includes unique and effective follow up interventions and check-ins to ensure you are still on track and will address any difficulties or further questions that may arise.

    Why should you

    This programme is for you when you want to:
    •  Have increased self-confidence and self-efficacy
    •  Understand the physiology of trust & distrust and how this applies to working relationships
    •  Be able to cope effectively with challenges and change
    •  Discover your authentic personal brand
    •  Be perceived as credible, competent and trustworthy

    What sets this programme apart?

    This programme will ensure that you grow your confidence through building your resilience, activating your leadership, taking control of - and strengthening - your professional presence. You will receive personal confidence tools and actionable tips that you can implement immediately. This programme is unique in its format, content and delivery.

    •  We offer continued support and enthusiasm for our clients' growth
    •  We make it interesting, fun, relatable and relevant to whatever age, personality or profession.
    •  We encourage you to be yourself from the outset
    •  We deliver the content in a light hearted way without diminishing the power of the subject.
    •  We build trust with you at an early stage with passion, drive and belief.
    • Our clients regularly report and demonstrate tangible and financial benefits in their professional careers and in the success of their businesses as a result of this programme, by securing dream jobs, promotions and increased business performance.

    Reveal the Leader in You

    What the world needs now more than ever is REAL leaders, not just in high office but in every walk of life. We can all easily identify those who are not true leaders, and those we do not want to follow. Real leaders, on the other hand, lead by example. They can see a better future and they inspire others by showing the way. Some people know that they are already leaders of others. Others don’t believe that they are, but they are often incorrect. Through coaching with Lisa you will discover the leader within.

    By the end of your coaching sessions with Lisa you will know how to replenish your resilience every day, so that it serves you well when there’s a crisis. You will have a framework to help you be an empathetic and fair leader. Your teams and the people you lead will know that they will be treated fairly even when they have made a mistake. You will have identified (and have started to embed) daily habits and behaviours that are anchored in your values and that bring those values to life.

    You will know what your own leadership style is, how to lead in a crisis, and what level of leadership you are at. You will also have a clear roadmap for your ongoing future leadership development.

    Three way meeting (virtual) – to review transformation and impact

    Materials and resources provided to enhance personal development and embed the learning.

    Reveal the Authentic You

    Have you ever wondered what statement you are making with your visual appearance? How do people describe you? How do you want to be described? Do you ever feel underdressed or overdressed? Do you get stressed while deciding what to wear? Is your wardrobe full of unworn clothes? Do you spend time shopping for items that you don't wear? Do you feel the need to conform?

    Through several consultations you will learn how to match your wardrobe to your lifestyle and your budget. You'll know how to build a capsule wardrobe. You will learn about your body architecture and proportions (unique to you)and how to dress your body shape. I will dig deep into your personality to ensure that is always reflected in what you wear. I will show you how to have impact, how to be authentic and how to carry authority in your clothing. You will have permission to be yourself, unapologetically.

    When you discover the right style for you, you will know how to align your appearance with your personality and will appear authentic. You will look good and feel good every day. You will save time and money. You will have a wardrobe which works for you. Your brand will be consistent, multi-dimensional, professional.

    Three way meeting via Zoom (45 minutes)
    Gap analysis and identifying your needs


    Your Reveal Journey Begins
    Reveal the Leader in You
    4 x 1.5 hour coaching sessions with Lisa


    Reveal the Authentic You
    4 consultations (8 hours in total) with Maria


    Three way meeting via Zoom (45 minutes)
    Reveal the Best You
    Reviewing transformation, impact and deciding future action steps to embed insights


    Revelations Planner
    Bespoke Revelations Planner
    Designed and created by Maria and Lisa and e-mailed to you
    TOTAL: €3,200 inc VAT
    (Payable in advance)

    Contact Us

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    What our clients say

    “I feel a lot more empowered and got tools to use in business and personal life”

    “I found the content of this programme extremely original, thought provoking and reiterative."

    “This tailored programme is exceptional”

    “An excellent partnership in different areas of expertise. Every element was helpful and complemented each other”